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Tara Mehta

The Goddess Who Longed To Be A Girl

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Name:Tara Mehta/Devi
It was the second century of mankind's arrival on earth when the Gods of Light took up arms against one of their own. Bala, a fallen God, had rejected the old ways of the Pantheon and sought to impose his dominion over man.

Feeding off the forced worship of men, Bala had grown too powerful for the pantheon to take him on alone. So the pure Gods each sacrificed a part of themselves to create a powerful entity, under the instruction of Bodha, King of the Gods.

Bodha blessed this divine being of power and named her Devi.

The Gods, so wounded by Bala's betrayal and fearing that their new creation might one day turn on them, did not grant the entity an immortal form - instead giving their human warriors, the Durapasya, the secret rites for infusing the Devi entity into a human host. Thus making her more than human - an avatar of Divine power.

A goddess with a thousand faces.

Tara Mehta is a woman in her mid-twenties, originally from a poor, run-down part of Sitapur. She's fairly attractive and of average height, with dark hair and dark eyes.

Now, thanks to her wealthy gangster of a boyfriend, she lives comfortably in a better part of the city - but has never forgotten the children and friends she left behind in downtown Sitapur. She is constantly flanked by two bodyguards of Iyam's, the boyfriend, employ. A boyfriend who, while attentive, can only be attentive when he's with her - which now seems to be barely ever, now that he is busy with something he won't talk to her about.

  • From Mars: skill with every weapon, the strength of an army, incredible strategic ability, a "true soldier's fortune" - she will always appear, in battle where she is most needed.

  • From Kama: Lovesbane armour - she is herself impervious to love's wounds, but every man that sees her will want and love her*

  • From Interface:"perfect PR, killer charisma, terrific TRPS and the coolest catchphrases"

  • From Ra:"Light that burns the sinful and strenghtens the righteous; light that inspires as it dazzles, that annihilates darkness in every form"

  • From Kapital: almost limitless resources of labour and capital, even in adverse condition, if she needs them

  • From Death: A lack of remorse for killing the foes of the Gods

  • From Bodha: Flight, lightning and a blessing to allow her to be the Goddess that the world and heaven needs her to be

*As I interpret it, Devi has control over this and no one will be loving her without mun consent.

Currently, Tara and Devi are both timed to a little before the events of issue #1 and are, as such, separate entities for the time being.

N.B. - Where speech is found in bold, this is Devi speaking. Otherwise, regular looking speech can be taken as Tara's voice. And where text is in italics, it can be taken that Devi and Tara are conversing together inside their brain. :D

Appearance: As in userpics. While Devi is "active" (whether in sole control over their body or working together with Tara), a golden flame appears on her forehead.

Tara Mehta and Devi are from Devi and is the property of the Shekhar Kapur and Virgin Comics. They/she appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Interests (6):

being devi, being normal, being tara, kicking ass, rahul, saving the world

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